Company Presentation - Technical Services

Our services in the field of steel construction include the following areas:

  • Inspection, examination and assessment
  • Quality assurance, quality development
  • Assessment of suppliers, quality audits
  • Checking of structural calculations and design
  • Preparation of inspection plans, welding plans and erection plans
  • Management and procedures for self-inspection
  • Non-destructive and other testing
  • Inspection of corrosion protection and fire protection painting
  • Investigations and analyses, formal reports, disputes, trouble-shooting
  • R&D, products development, type approvals
  • Maintenance inspections, maintenance plans, evaluation of fatigue life
  • Special design calculations, for instance concerning fatigue behavior
  • Computer design of steel chimneys and towers, crane runway girders etc.
  • Development of computer programs for the design, documentation and preparation of steel structures
  • Competence development, continuation courses, education of client's personnel
  • Consulting services related to design, execution and quality assurance
  • The firm was started in 1973. So we have been around for more than 30 years. This actually implies that we are one of the oldest Swedish consulting firms in this field specializing in quality assurance.

    Nobody Can Be an Expert in Everything...

    We are a specialized company adopted to the needs proven to exist in the area of steel structures. This means we are always updated with the current developments. And it is no exaggeration to say that we, in many instances, have been among the leaders in the development in the structural steel area. We are a small firm, but have established a wide network within our line of work.

    Quality is a Means of Competition

    It is today fashionable in the construction business, like in other areas, with quality and quality assurance. However, it is important that the procedures will not just remain a product for the bookshelf. We are glad to be able to put our knowledge and experience to the disposal of the industry, in order to contribute to steel structures being produced to the correct quality, that is, structures which fulfill the functional and safety criteria to the lowest cost.

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