Company Presentation - Our Policy

The policy of StBK Stålbyggnadskontroll is to supply qualified technical services of various kinds related to steel structures to authorities, organizations, developers, consultants, building contractors, structural steel fabricators, industry, insurance companies and others.

For those types of services that we engage in we shall be among the leading in northern Europe.

We shall act on the market in such a way that our impartiality and independence should not be questioned.

Our services include the complete field of steel construction, "from ear to loaf". That is, services include from products development and special structural design calculations in planning to inspections and investigations of steel structures in fabrication, erection, service, at failures or in disputes.

We do not perform routine design of steel structures, however, we can assist with specialist services in the field of steel construction to developers, planners and designers.

We shall offer technical services to the steel construction trade and contribute in developing cost-effective and reliable steel structures. We shall take part in the distribution of knowledge and competence development within the field of steel construction.

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