Competence Courses TR-steel

Courses and competence verification for TR-steel for supervisors, inspectors and designers have been arranged since 1993 by SBS and MVR in cooperation with StBK Stalbyggnadskontroll and organized by the SBS-MVR-StBK Committee TR-steel. The activitities are guided by the document Rules for competence courses TR-steel (in Swedish). The courses are carried out by StBK Stalbyggnadskontroll under direction of the Committee.
The courses and examinations refer to applicable regulations and rules for competence according to PBL, BKR, BSK 07, BRO 2004 and VV publ. 2004:10, as well as SBS' Certification Rules D1 and D10.

Competence levels for TR-steel

The competence requirements for TR-steel are defined at three different levels:

  • TR-steel/E for erection of simple prefabricated steel structures, 24 h (3 days)
  • TR-steel/N for steel structures of normal kind, 48 h (6 days)
  • TR-steel/K for steel structures of complicated kind, 24 h (3 days)

  • Certificate TR-steel

    Courses for TR-steel/E, TR-steel/N and TR-steel/K are concluded by a voluntary examination. Course participants who have passed an examination with satisfactory results will receive a certificate. To obtain a certificate TR-steel/K a valid certificate from the basic course TR-steel/N is required.

    The period of validity of a certificate TR-steel is five years from date of examination. The period may be prolonged by participating in a special update course (no new examination required, alternatively, participate in a new examination test without update course). See the document Validity of certificate TR-steel (in Swedish).

  • TR-steel/E-uppdat, update course for TR-steel/E (3 days)
  • TR-steel/N-uppdat (in Swedish), update course for TR-steel/N (3 days)
  • TR-steel/K-uppdat (in Swedish), update course for TR-steel/K (3 days)

  • Course Program

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    Course Time Place Remarks Prel. Application Application
    TR-steel/N Date to be set Stockholm In English Prel. Application Application

    Rules for Courses
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