Courses Arranged by StBK

StBK Stalbyggnadskontroll AB organizes open courses and participates in internal courses at companies and in courses arranged by other course organizers, such as 'Betongvaruindustrin', CBI, CTH, KTH, Lernia, RTL (Finland), SIFU, STF Ingenjorsutbildning and the Swedish Welding Commission.

TR-steel/E, TR-steel/N and TR-steel/K - Courses for person responsible for directing, supervising, and inspecting the fabrication and erection of steel structures. These competence courses are arranged on behalf of SBS-MVR-StBK Committee TR-steel.

TR-svarm - Course for responsible person for supervising and inspecting welding of reinforcement steel and fasteners in concrete. This competence course is arranged on behalf of BBC-SBS-StBK Committee TR-svarm.

TR-steel/B - Course on steel construction for owners, developers, contractors, construction managers och structural designers.

Course for structural steel designers (a major course being developed).

Course for steel bridge designers.

Seminar on bolted connections for steel structures at Malmo 31 Jan 2008 (Forum Bolted Products for Steel Construction).

We have participated in courses on 'Inspection of steel structures' and 'Steel construction for builders'.