Computer Applications - CRANEGIRD

CRANEGIRD is a computer software tailored for the design of crane runway girders and similar continuous girders with travelling and fixed loads. The software has been in use since 1976 for the design of several hundred crane girders and is regularly upgraded to include new features.

CRANEGIRD performs a structural calculation considering "static" strength, local buckling of sectional elements, fatigue strength applying the stress-range concept, and deflections. The cross section may vary along the girder, and be composed of rolled standard shapes, or of welded monosymmetrical I shapes. The girder cross section may be reinforced locally or along the complete girder by angles or plates welded to the edges of the top flange, and/or with cover plates on the bottom flange.

CRANEGIRD produces the following documents:
  • A complete and self-explanatory report showing the results of the structural analysis
  • A steel specification list
  • An inspection program
  • Two or more structural drawings in A4 format

  • The output from CRANEGIRD may be obtained in English or Swedish.

    The CRANEGIRD software is presented in a User's Manual in English (Swedish version also available), which includes two fully worked out design examples.