Steel Frames - The City Terminal in Stockholm

Cross section of The City Terminal complex in central Stockholm
Cross section of the City Terminal complex in Stockholm

The City Terminal in central Stockholm is a major multi-story development with an interesting steel structure. The project is a complex of buildings with offices, World Trade Center, a hotel, a bus terminal and open halls for the public. The buildings overdeck the northern part of the track area at the central railway station of Stockholm.

The load-carrying steel structure of the buildings is composed of external major steel frames, from which the floors are suspended using tension members and friction-type bolted joints. The structural system allowed large spans in the bus deck and the railway area below. Railway traffic was maintained during the complete erection period. The various buildings are connected by glass roofs with large spans of tubular steel trusses.

The site connections in the structural steel frames were normally made as bolted joints. Bolt dimensions vary between M20 and M36. Depending upon requirements for the various locations two bolt grades were used, 8.8 och 10.9, and three different bolted joint classes, S1 ("normal" bolted joint), S1F (pre-tensioned bolts) och S3 (friction-type bolted joints).

StBK Stalbyggnadskontroll performed in the project a supplier assessment of the workshop in eastern Germany fabricating the steel structures, receival inspection of fabricated steel components and inspection and non-destructive testing of site work. The inspection and testing has among other things comprised visual inspection of workmanship, inspection of bolted joints, non-destructive testing of site welds and checking of the quality control performed by the erection company for the structural steel frames of the complex.

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