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Göran Alpsten
Göran Alpsten

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Stålbyggnadskontroll (StBK) is an independent consulting firm specialized in steel structures.

Our services have been adapted to the various needs existing in the steel construction industry and among its Clients. Since we are specialized in steel structures we are able to keep up with developments on the international arena. In some areas within the structural steel technology, such as quality assurance, fatigue design, and rules and specifications, we have taken an active part in developing this technology in Sweden.

Even though our services are limited to steel structures, the assignments may take on widely differing tasks.

Through the years we have come to be part of an extensive network of different specialists in the field. For tasks where our own resources - together with those of the Client - are not sufficient we form a tailored project group with other specialists, as needed in the actual case.

Owner and manager of StBK is Dr Goran Alpsten. He has 40 years of experience in the area of steel construction, 30 of which within StBK.

Goran Alpsten has a theoretical background in structural engineering as well as in materials technology. He earned his Dr Techn. degree in 1970 at the Department of Structural Engineering and Bridge Building at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Goran Alpsten has participated as an inspector, investigator or specialist in a large number of structural steel projects in Sweden and elsewhere. He is an examined Lead Auditor according to ISO 9000 and an inspector authorized by SBS for assessing, reviewing and auditing structural steel fabricators.

Goran Alpsten har participated in the preparation of numerous Swedish and international regulations and standards. He has developed a number of computer programs tailored for the design, drafting and preparation of steel structures.