Personnel - CV for Göran Alpsten

Göran Alpsten
Göran Alpsten

Employments, practical merits

  1. Assistant inspector at the regional offices in Halmstad of the Swedish National Highway Board, inspection of more than 100 concrete, steel, and stone highway bridges in the Halland province of Sweden, 1961.

  2. Structural engineer at "Armétygförvaltningen" (later "Försvarets Materielverk", Swedish Army Ordnance Administration), Stockholm for structural calculations and strength tests of steel and aluminum bridge components and built-up military bridges, 1964-1965.

  3. Research Assistant to professor Georg Wastlund at the Department for Structural Engineering and Bridge Building, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm for research concerning residual stresses in steel shapes 1965 - 1967.

  4. Post-doctoral research associate och research co-director with professor Lambert Tall for research projects concerning residual stresses and column strength of welded steel members at Fritz Engineering Laboratory, Lehigh University 1967-1969.

  5. Associate director at the Swedish Institute for Steel Construction SBI 1969 - 1973. Responsible for research and development in the field of steel structures, including materials, residual stresses, welding, safety, structural stability and structural detailing. Responsible for a major handbook on detailing of steel structures, participated in preparation of regulations and standards, and in numerous courses in Sweden and elsewhere.

  6. Managing director and owner of the consulting firm Stalbyggnadskontroll 1973 - . Responsible for quality assurance, inspections, testing and quality control, products development, investigations of structural failures and disputes related to a great number of large and small structural steel projects, including the Stockholm Globe Arena, the City Terminal in Stockholm, process buildings and conveyor bridges for iron ore treatment in the harbor of Narvik, Norway, process buildings and conveyor bridges for iron ore treatment in Buchanan and Yekepa, Liberia, several steel bridges on the Nimba - Buchanan railway line, steel structures in school buildings and housing at the Fishing School in Cacuaco, Angola, truck maintenance buildings in Angola, airport terminal buildings, hangar buildings and airplane maintenance buildings at the airport of Arlanda, Stockholm, a number of high-rise office buildings in central Stockholm, London, Newbury, Oslo, Goteborg, Nacka Strand and Nacka Forum, Ornskoldsvik, the Oresund Link between Sweden and Denmark, the Hoga Kusten Suspension Bridge (seventh longest span in the world), The Soderstrom railway bridge in Stockholm, the Nordre Alv railway bridge at Kungalv, the Marieholm railway bridges, a swing bridge and a truss bridge over the Gota Alv river and the Savean river in Goteborg, and the Sunningesund bridge. (See further separate presentation of the services of Stalbyggnadskontroll and full list of assignments related to steel bridges and other projects.)

  7. Computerized design of over 900 steel chimneys and towers in Sweden and abroad and over 200 steel girders for overhead cranes using own computer software, 1976 - .

  8. Audits of quality systems and for specific projects at several companies fabricating steel structures for bridges and building frames in Sweden, Finland and Norway, according to rules and regulations issued by the Swedish National Highway Board and SBS, 1976 - .

  9. Part-time service as Adjunct professor in Steel structures with emphasis on production technology and quality assurance of steel structures, the Royal Intitute of Technology, KTH. Research and development concerning welded joints, geometrical imperfections of steel frames and courses on welded structures, 1988 - 1994.