Crane Girders

Overhead crane runway girders are a speciality to StBK Stalbyggnadskontroll.

Since 1976 we have designed hundreds of crane girders using CRANEGIRD, a computer software developed by StBK and tailored for the design of crane runway girders and similar continuous girders with travelling and fixed loads.

CRANEGIRD allows very general conditions. The cross section may vary along the girder, and be composed of rolled standard shapes, or of welded monosymmetrical I shapes. The girder cross section may be reinforced locally or along the complete girder by angles or plates welded to the edges of the top flange, and/or with cover plates on the bottom flange. Thus, CRANEGIRD is particularly suited for designing or checking the design of existing crane girders subjected to revised loads or being reinforced for new conditions.

StBK has performed inspection at fabrication and erection of a large number of new crane girders in various types of industrial works.

We have also performed inspection, measurements and investigations of crane girders in service in industrial installations, including works with very severe loads such as foundries.