Structural Steel Frames in Buildings

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Stockholm Globe Arena
Cross section of Stockholm Globe Arena
StBK Stålbyggnadskontroll  has participated in a large number of structural steel projects in various countries. Assignments have been performed at locations from Narvik, Norway in the north to Cacuaco, Angola in the south, for clients from Miami, Florida in the west to Helsinki, Finland in the east.

Assignments related to structural steel frames have included steel frames for multi-story buildings and steel structures with large spans such as industrial halls, aircraft hangars and sport halls.

One of the largest projects is Stockholm Globe Arena, which seats up to 17 000 spectators. The project also encompasses hotel, office and commercial buildings.

StBK Stålbyggnadskontroll has performed formal inspections of the steel frames in all buildings in the Kista Science Tower project, Stockholm. The project encompasses the tallest office building in Sweden with 32 stories.

In recent years many projects have involved rebuilding and renovating existing office buildings. For instance, StBK has been engaged in the Gravlingen project in Stockholm City (CityCronan, with approx. 3 000 tons of new steel), the Stuten project (Kungstrappan) in Stockholm City and Vallingby Center west of Stockholm.