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Investigation of Collapse during Erection of Steel Frame at Kista Galleria
Goran Alpsten has been commissioned to perform a formal investigation of the causes for a collapse of a steel structure during erection of concrete slab elements for a building at Kista Galleria i Stockholm (Client Kista Galleria KB).
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Mega Project Stockholm Waterfront
StBK have been engaged in a major project, Stockholm Waterfront in the very center of Stockholm, overlooking the famous City Hall building. The project includes an office building, a hotel building and a congress building (Clients Fastighetsaktiebolaget Bangardsposten, and 43 Hotel and Congress AB).
New Office Buildings for SonyEricsson, Lund
Steel frames in new Office Buildings, SonyEricsson, Lund Erection of steel frames in Office Buildings, SonyEricsson, Lund Goran Alpsten performs formal inspection of steel frames in new Office Buildings for SonyEricsson, Lund (Client Vasakronan AB).
Inspection of Steel Frame for Central Building, Arlanda Airport
Steel frame for Central building at Arlanda during erection Formal warranty inspection of steel frame for new Central building at Arlanda airport. StBK has previously performed inspection and quality audits of the steel frames of many structures at Arlanda, such as new terminal building Pier F, renovation of Pier D and E for adjustment to Schengen requirements, Terminal 2 and 3, Sky City, hangar and office buildings (Client Luftfartsverket).
Status inspection of corroded steel beams encased in concrete deck from 1910
Arrangement of inspection area in concrete deck with old encased steel beams StBK has performed a status inspection with measurements of dimensions of heavily corroded steel beams encased in a concrete deck under the inner yard of a housing block from 1910 in central Stockholm (Client BRF Eldaren nr 9).
Expert Inspection of Steel Structures in Terminal Buildings
DFDS new Terminal building at Orebro Expert inspection of steel structures in DFDS Terminal buildings at Orebro and Malmo, Sweden (Client KPC Bygg AB).
Kista Science Tower
Kista Science Tower Expert inspection of the steel structures in Kista Science Tower, Stockholm, the tallest office building in Sweden (Client NCC).
Renovation of Office Buildings
Renovation of Kungstrappan, kv Stuten, Stockholm Inspection of the steel structures in the rebuilding projects "Gravlingen" and "Stuten" in central Stockholm with complete renovation and adding more floors on top of the existing buildings (Clients Skanska and Konkret/Drott).
Arlanda Airport Project
Arlanda Pier F, steel and glass facade Checking and formal inspection of steel structures of a major Arlanda airport project, including new Central building and Piers D, E and F (Client LFV).
Mast Structures on Top of Vasa Museum, Stockholm
Exterior of the Vasa museum, with steel masts on the roof symbolizing the rig and sails of the Vasa ship Status investigation of steel structures on top of the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, symbolizing the rig and sails of the Vasa ship from 1628. Masts symbolizing the rig and sails of the Vasa ship Status investigations in the Vasa Museum have also included steel structures in walkways and bridges in the ship hall (Client Statens Fastighetsverk). View of the Vasa ship from walkway bridges in the ship hall of the Vasa Museum
Contract Inspections of Steel Structures in Buildings
Contract inspections and warranty inspections of steel framework in buildings in several projects, such as Mitthogskolan, Ostersund; old Saab factory in Malmo; steel chimney at Norrkoping; sport arenas at Huddinge and Ekero (Clients Vasallen AB, Diligentia AB, FHP, and others).
Yearly Inspection of Steel in Gallery Building at the Solvalla Trotting-Track
Gallery Building "Kongressen" at Solvalla StBK performs yearly inspections of vital steel structures in the grand-stand building "Kongressen" at the Solvalla Trotting-Track in Stockholm. The inspection items include tension rods connected to pylons carrying the structure (Client Stockholms Travsallskap). Tension rods carrying the structure of "Kongressen", Solvalla
New World Culture Museum in Goteborg
World Culture Museum, Goteborg Client inspection during fabrication and erection of steel structures in World Culture Museum, Goteborg (Client Statens Fastighetsverk).
Client Inspections
Client inspection of steel structures in residential blocks, Kv Klabben, Hammarby Sjostad, Stockholm (Client Prefabutveckling).
Steel Frames in School Complex, Oslo, Norway
Sondre Nordstrand Videregaende Skole, Oslo StBK performs inspection of steel frames comprising about 800 tons of steel in a new school complex in Oslo, Norway. The assignment includes follow-up of the self-control and spot checking of the steel structures, including 3.77 m high truss beams spanning 55 m over an indoor stadium (Client Peab AS, Oslo). Erection of 3.77 m high truss beams over sports arena,Sondre Nordstrand Videregaende Skole, Oslo
Inspection of Bridge at Barkarby
Barkarbybron at Jarfalla Goran Alpsten carries out inspection of steel structures i a bridge at Barkarby, a highway bridge from 1932 (Client Ramboll Svenska AB)
Formal Inspection of Steel Bridge over E4 Highway
Arch bridge over E4 at Upplands Vasby StBK has performed formal inspection of steel structures in a highway bridge over E4 at Upplands Vasby (Client Sweco/ Vagverket)
Service Platform in Stockholm Globe Arena
Skyline with the Stockholm Globe Arena, where a new service platform is being erected StBK performs client inspection at fabrication and erection of steel structures for a new overhead service platform spanning 60 m in Stockholm Globe Arena. StBK performed inspection also for the original complete Stockholm Globe Arena project (Client Hifab). Frontal truss of new overhead service platform at the Globe
Floating Glass Roof over Vallingby Center
Architect's rendering of the Floating Glass Roof in Vallingby C (KHR Rundquist arkitekter ab) Goran Alpsten performs formal inspection of steel structures for a new roof to cover 4,000 sqm of pedestrian walkways in the Vallingby Center west of Stockholm (Client Svenska Bostader). Project group debarking for workshop visit at Normek Oy in Oulu, Finland Section of Floating Glass Roof in the painting station at Normek Oy
New Art Exhibition Hall at Bonnierhuset, Stockholm
New building for Art Exhibition Hall at Bonnierhuset, Stockholm StBK performs inspection of steel structures for a new art exhibition hall and offices at Bonnierhuset in central Stockholm (Client ebab).
Steel Structures in Walls for Noise Reduction at Bridges along E4
Wall for noise reduction at bridge B1905 along E4 at Rotebro Goran Alpsten performs formal pre-inspection of steel structures in new walls for noise reduction at highway bridges B708 and B1905 vid Rotebro. This is part of the same major contract as the arch bridge over E4 at Upplands Vasby, se photo above (Client Sweco/Swedish National Highway Administration). Wall for noise reduction at bridge B708 along E4 at Rotebro
Formal Inspection of Steel Frames in Vallingby C
Goran Alpsten performs formal inspection of steel frames in rebuilding of office and commercial buildings in Vallingby Center west of Stockholm (Client Svenska Bostader)
Technical Audit at Hexa-Metal in Hungary
Goran Alpsten has performed a recent audit at Hexa-Metal Kft, a structural steel fabricator in Balmazujvaros in eastern Hungary. This is part of a program for regular audits at the workshop in order to verify that Swedish rules for execution and inspection are applied in the fabrication of structural steel components for the Swedish market (Client Prefabutveckling).
Assessment of Serbian Structural Steel Fabricators
Discussion of quality criteria at a structural steel workshop in Serbia Goran Alpsten has participated in a delegation from Skanska AB for assessment of two structural steel fabricators in Serbia for a planned fabrication of steel structures for a large industrial project in Sweden (Client Skanska AB).
Contract Inspections of Steel Bridges
Railway bridge over Daglosensundet, Varmland StBK has performed contract inspections and warranty inspections of a number of steel bridges, such as six railway bridges at Karlstad and Kristinehamn, Sweden, railway bridge over Raan at Helsingborg, highway bridge over E4 (photo above), pedestrain bridges (Client National Railroad Administration and others).
Investigation of a 100 m chimney with vibration problems
100 m steel chimney with vibration problems Investigation of a new 100 m steel chimney in Poland with vibrations problems due to vortex shedding.
Dynamic Wind Loading of a New 37 m Flight Control Tower
New 37 m flight control tower at Satenas, Sweden StBK has assessed the dynamic wind loading of a new 37 m flight control tower at Satenas, Sweden using the computer program CHIMNEY. The assignment has included an evaluation of accelerations at oscillations due to dynamic wind loading to verify that persons in the tower will not experience unpleasant movements (Client Astadien byggkonsult AB).
Fatigue Assessment of LKAB Iron Ore Wagons
LKAB iron ore wagon StBK har assessed the fatigue life of the steel frame of LKAB iron ore wagons. Data from on-track recordings has been evaluated, and the results are in good agreement with observations of fatigue cracks after 2.5 years of service. The results will be the basis for repairs of existing wagons, as well as design conditions for new wagons (Client LKAB).
Railway Bridges
Expert inspection of steel structures in railway bridges, Kungsbacka (Client Skanska).
Railway Bridges in Goteborg
Client inspection of fabrication and site work of steel structures in two railway bridges in Goteborg (Client City of Goteborg).
Steel in Boiler Building
Client inspection of steel structures in boiler building and flue cleaning building, Hogdalens Kraftvarmeverk, Stockholm (Client AB Fortum Varme).
Investigation of Bridge Collapse
Investigator with Tore Lundmark, Scandia-consult concerning a collapse involving a 200 ton counterweight in the Saltsjo Bridge, Sodertalje (Client NCC).
Inspection of Bridge Collapse
Consultations and inspection on site of the collapse of a steel box bridge during casting of the concrete deck (Client Insurance company).
Crane Runway Girders
Computerized design of crane runway girders in various projects using the CRANEGIRD software, including SAAB at Trollhattan, Handeloverket at Norrkoping, Alvesta Polarit at Alvesta, Forssells Smidesverkstad at Huddinge, Tibnor at Goteborg, CWO WIAB, SSAB at Oxelosund and Granges Aluminium (Clients FB Engineering, Forssells Smidesverkstad, Goinge Mek, Stalbyggnadsteknik, K-Center Byggkonsult, and others).
Courses TR-steel in Fall 2019
Kompendium TR-stål/N Dates for courses TR-steel have been set upp for fall of 2019. The courses are adapted to the new and current European standards.

For more information, or a preliminary or a definite application, see
Course Program TR-steel.
Course "TR-svarm"
 A competence course "TR-svarm" to be arranged in Oct. 2008 TR-svarm - A competence course for persons responsible for direction, supervision and inspection of welding of reinforcement bars and welded cast-in fastening components. The course is based on the document "Welded cast-in fastening components in concrete - Recommendations for design, execution and inspection" (in Swedish) and a new standard for welding of rebars, SS-EN ISO 17 660.

The validity of the formal competence TR-svarm is five years. The Committee for TR-svarm has adopted new rules for extending this period. A new certificate may be obtained by participating in a new course TR-svarm (2 and a half days, new examination not required) or participating in a new examination (new course not required). This means that special update courses will not be arranged in the future.
Revised Course:
TR-steel/E Extended to Include Steel Structures for Road Portal Signs, Lighting Masts etc.

A course TR-steel/E for supervisors and inspectors of the erection of simple pre-fabricated steel structures (in Swedish; date to be set later).

The program of the course has been extended to include also steel structures in highway equipment such as road portal signs, lighting masts, screens for noise reduction etc. (see publication 1993:61 from the national Swedish Highway Board).

Program (in Swedish) »

Preliminary Application »
New Course: Extended Preparatory Course 'Prep TR-stal/N'
A preparatory course in Steel Construction, 'Prep TR-stal/N' (in Swedish), primarily intended for those wishing to get a basic background of the practical aspects of steel construction. The course is specifically intended for those wishing to attend a later course TR-steel/N.

The course will be carried out during a week in Croatia (location not yet decided).

The program consists of 30 lecture hours. Visits to a structural steel workshop and a building site are being planned and there will also be some time for individual studies under guidance.

A major part of the program is specially suited for participants who wish a thorough review of such computational tasks which may appear for a structural steel supervisor or inspector and which are included in the written examination for TR-steel/N.

Prel. Course Program »

Prel. Application »
Revised rules for extending validity of TR-steel
Guidance Committee TR-steel at meeting on Getfoten 2004-08-25. From left Lars Svedje, MVR; Goran Alpsten, StBK; Anders Olsson, SBI; Jerker Axén, Stockholms Stadsbyggnadskontor and Bertil Hagstad, SBS/Nordcert. Missing are Bjorn Christensson, Banverket and Kenth Ekstrand, Stalab The Guidance Committee TR-steel has adopted revised rules for extending the validity of competence certificates TR-steel. The five-year period of validity may be extended by participating in either a special updating course or a new examination test. Because of the revised rules more updating courses have been included in the course program for 2008/2009.
New competence course TR-steel/N in English
A competence course TR-steel/N in English related to Swedish regulations and rules for steel construction (in Swedish; date to be set later). For more info, click TR-steel in menu to the left.
New Publication on Welded Cast-in Components
Nordcert publ. 2004:3 A new document "Welded cast-in fastening components in concrete - Recommendations for design, execution and inspection" (in Swedish) prepared by Goran Alpsten and Bernt Johansson is now available from Nordcert AB (Publication 2004:3). The publication may be ordered from Nordcert AB,
tel +46 8 34 92 70, fax +46 8 30 70 54,
Basic Course on Steel Construction
StBK participated in a basic course on Steel Construction arranged by Byggvaruindustrin in March. The course is intended as a preparatory course to TR-steel/N courses (Client Byggvaruindustrin, Danderyd).
Course on Inspection of Steel Structures
A course on inspection of steel structures has been arranged in Stockholm and Gothenburg with Stalbyggnadsteknik in Uppsala. More courses are being planned.
Seminars for Structural Steel Designers
StBK has participated in a number of internal seminars and courses for structural steel designers at various consulting firms and other companies, such as ELU Konsult AB, Prefab-utveckling AB and Tyréns AB.
Seminar on Steel Structures at the Building Authority in Stockholm
Goran Alpsten has participated on Jan. 31 in a seminar on steel structures at the Building Authority in Stockholm. The seminar focused on safety and reliability of load-carrying steel structures in buildings. The program seemed particularly appropriate after the building collapse in Poland a few days before the seminar. The program included a discussion on the role of the Building Inspector with the Building Authority. Other matters discussed were procedures for checking project documents for load-carrying steel structures and for inspection of steel structures.
New Course for Structural Steel Designers
A new course for structural steel designers is under development in cooperation with the consulting firms Konkret, Scandiaconsult, Strangbetong, Tyréns and WSP.
StBK lectures on welding in CBI courses on prefab concrete elements
Course arranged by CBI class I on production of concrete products
Goran Alpsten participates as lecturer on welding of reinforcement and cast-in components in CBI Class II och Class I courses concerning prefab elements.
Manual for the computer program CHIMNEY The computer program CHIMNEY for the design of chimneys, towers and similar structures with dynamic wind loading is available in a new revised version including supplemented computer drawings and inspection plan, and a separate supplementary report detailing the results for a structure with added antennas, screens etc.
Manual for the computer program CRANEGIRD The computer program CRANEGIRD for the design of crane girders and similar structures with moving loads is available in a new revised version including supplementary details on computer drawings.

CRANEGIRD is very flexible and specially suited for handling the rebuilding of existing crane girders with odd locations of supports, reinforcement of the cross section of parts of the girder, up to five independent cranes etc.
Load-deflection diagram produced by COLBUCK Load-strain diagram produced by COLBUCK A completely revised computer program COLBUCK is now available for the analysis of compressed structural members starting from fundamental theory of buckling, and considering residual stresses, initial out-of-straightness and load eccentricities. A library with typified residual-stress distributions etc. is available if the user has no specific data.
Chimneys with Antennas
Existing chimney with added antennas, increasing the wind loading Design of steel structures for new chimneys, and checking of existing steel chimneys to be equipped with new antennas causing increased wind loading, using the computer program CHIMNEY (Clients NCC, SRK, Stark Telecom, Grabe Miljoteknik, CP Energi AB, GEAB, Mexor and others).
Number of applications using CHIMNEY exceeds 1,000
The number of applications using the computer software CHIMNEY now exceeds 1,000. Application # 1,000 concerned a steel stack for an industrial establishment in Ohio, USA for the client UTAB at Vasteras, Sweden.
Goran Alpsten writes a regular column in "Svensk Verkstad"
Presentation of the 'Steel Doctor' in Svensk Verkstad No. 4-5, 2004 Goran Alpsten contributes to the technical journal "Svensk Verkstad" published by MVR with a regular column under the heading "A Word from the Steel Doctor". The column in the previous issue 2006-2 discusses surface cracks which may be present in delivered hot-rolled profiles produced in accordance with the European standard EN 10163. Previous columns have dealt with preheat temperatures for welding modern structural steels and competence development of supervisors and inspectors in the structural steel industry.
Column in Svensk Verkstad No. 2006-3 deals with new standard series for European structural steels,
SS-EN 10 025
Column "A Word from the Steel Doctor" in "Svensk Verkstad" 
		No. 2006-3 The column in No. 2006-3 of "Svensk Verkstad" deals with the new standard series for structural steels,
SS-EN 10 025.
Click here to download the column (in Swedish).
Results from six years of continuous measurements on a steel chimney published
90 m steel chimney at i Vaxjo, Sweden, where extensive measurements have been made A paper by Par Tranvik of Alstom and Goran Alpsten has been published in the first issue 2005 of the international journal Wind & Structures. The paper is titled Structural behaviour under wind loading of a 90 m steel chimney, and deals with results from six years of continuous measurements on a tall steel chimney initially equipped with a mechanical pendulum-type damper, where initial oscillation problems led to fatigue cracks in the steel structure. A further report for this chimney later equipped with an additional friction-type wire damper, Long-term measurements of structural response of a tall steel chimney equipped with different damping devices, was presented at an international wind conference in Prague, Czech Republic in July 2005.
Seminar on probabilistic design
Professor Pavel Marek och Goran Alpsten outside the office of StBK at Hundsjo Professor Pavel Marek at the National Academy of Sciences in Prague and Ostrava Technical University was the guest of StBK in June 2004. Pavel Marek and Goran Alpsten worked at the StBK office at Hundsjo (see photo) on a paper on probabilistic design of steel structures. A seminar was held at WSP in Lulea with participants from WSP, Lulea Technical University, Ramboll and the Swedish National Road Administration.
Goran Alpsten member of Nordcert Technical Council on Steel Structures
Nordcert Technical Council on Steel Structures on top of Kista Science Tower The Technical Council on steel structures of Nordcert has held a meeting in Kista Science Tower. The photo shows the members on the top of the building 128 m above the ground level (Goran Alpsten to the right).
Gold Metal Award to Goran Alpsten
The Kjellberg Gold Metal awarded to Goran Alpsten The Swedish Welding Commission has conferred its most prestigeous award, the Oscar Kjellberg gold medal on Goran Alpsten "for great contributions for a rational fatigue design and for deeper knowledge about fatigue of welded structures". The Award has since 1941 been bestowed on about ten recipients only.
StBK participates in annual fishing contest
Webmaster Kalle Alpsten (in front) participates in fishing contest under supervision of Gunnar Skold, Malarvarvet Steel Construction StBK webmaster Kalle Alpsten landed the largest perch at the annual fishing contest arranged by Malarvarvet Steel Construction on 26 August 2004.